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  • Zone 1:  $285.00
  • Zone 2:  $265.00
  • Zone 3:  $150.00
  • Zone 4:  $260.00
  • Zone 5:  $280.00
  • Zone 6:  $300.00

Spirit as Wind Shipping and Delivery Information

TRUCK MOTOR FREIGHT – US-48 States –  See Zone Shipping Map above and have individual freight shipping charges due to their weight or size. Freight charges are shown below the product’s price and are determined by your delivery zone. See Truck Motor Freight Zone Shipping Map to determine your shipping zone.

*Note – Freight costs are based on shipping to “Direct Points – No Interlines”, meaning shipment reaches you by the Same Freight Line. If interlined (transferred from one freight line to another), or delivered to remote or high-cost delivery areas, we will call you prior to shipping, to advise you of the extra cost. You may want to pick up your shipment at a nearby freight terminal to save extra costs. When picking up at the terminal, please have adequate tie-down straps to secure your load; and be sure your vehicle/trailer is capable of handling the load. Identification will be required.

TRUCK FREIGHT DELIVERY – Allow 3-21 business days from the date shipped. Actual time will depend on the delivery carrier. Some residential areas will not accommodate semi-trailers, and it will be necessary that you pick up the freight at the local terminal or have the freight delivered to a business. You are responsible for both incoming and outgoing freight, should your shipment be refused.

TRUCK FREIGHT UNLOADING – Motor Freight Carriers are not responsible for unloading. They will move the freight to the end of the truck (Tailgate Delivery). It is the customer’s responsibility to remove the freight off the truck and into their garage or shop. The truck driver is not obligated to assist in unloading. Please have adequate equipment and help to unload your shipment at the time of delivery, as truck lines are unable to wait. Unload or Liftgate Service is available at extra cost.

UNLOAD or LIFTGATE SERVICE – Offered on most items shipped by truck motor freight. This extra cost option is available at the time the order is taken and is in addition to the Truck Freight charge (ask for the cost when placing your order). The freight carrier will do one of the following:

The equipment will be placed on the lift gate of the truck and lowered to the ground. The driver will then take the equipment off the lift gate.

If no lift-gate on the delivering truck, the freight carrier may lower the equipment to the ground.

Once off the lift gate or truck, the customer assumes responsibility for any further placement or delivery of the equipment. This service is a per-shipment charge. If necessary to interline, 2 charges will apply.

INSPECTION/DAMAGE – You MUST inspect your shipment for damage PRIOR to signing the truck motor freight bill of lading. If noticeable damage occurs, please note “DAMAGED” on the truck motor freight bill of lading prior to signing. Save all packing materials, and cartons and report the damage claim immediately. Contact us at notifying us of damage. If damage occurred and was NOT noted on the freight bill when delivered, the freight line will NOT honor a claim at a later date, since the freight was signed free and clear of damage.


SALES TAX – TP Tools will collect and remit state sales tax on your purchase for the following states: AZ, CO, CT, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, NC, ND, NE, NJ, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI & WV. For all other states, TP Tools is not obligated to and does not collect sales tax on your purchase. For most states, your purchase is still subject to your state’s tax law, unless it is specifically exempt from taxation. We suggest that you review your state’s rules considering the payment of a use tax on these purchases, and details for reporting your untaxed purchases, filing a return, and paying any applicable sales tax. Check with your state’s tax department for more information. If you are tax-exempt, please visit our website and download, fill out, and return your state’s sales tax-exempt form prior to ordering. Forms can email to Please allow 24 hours for tax exempt forms to be processed

DAMAGE – If noticeable damage occurs to the carton or merchandise prior to delivery, please note “DAMAGED” when signing the FedEx, UPS, USPS, or Truck Freight bill. Save all packing materials and cartons, and report damage claims immediately. Call TP Customer Service at 1-800-321-9260 if you need further assistance.

All Shipping and packaging, Heavy/Oversize, and Truck Shipping charges are nonrefundable.

WE DO NOT EXPORT outside of the US.